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Founder & CEO of Forever Faith LLC - Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, & Survivor

About Me – My Biography

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Abraham J. Cruz  (Abe Cruz) Biography:



Spreading a Universal Message


Abe Cruz (Abraham J. Cruz) is the visionary founder and CEO of Forever Faith LLC, which is a universal message and mindset. Abe considers himself an entrepreneur and an overall survivor. Abe grew up a dedicated athlete inspired by, and addicted to health, fitness and sports. He has always believed that any goal is attainable when you commit and truly have Faith. By understanding the mindset of a champion it is easy to see why Abe decided to create an inspirational and motivational clothing line to move this world.


Forever Faith now offers a Fitness & Fashion line that Abe designed while serving a prison term of 3 1/2 years in an Oklahoma prison. Like many in this world, he found himself facing financial challenges and daily expenses for his Mother and family. Abe made the worst decision of his life that has now become the biggest blessing of his life.


He realizes that there are many on the edge of desperate survival in the world today and came up with his clothing line as a way to communicate his story and to inspire others to succeed the right way through Faith. He calls it a ‘business plan in prison’, which he designed on prison napkins with crayons, turning his negative situation into a positive solution.


“I made a huge mistake in my life and I am determined to turn this tragedy into a success in order to save people from making the same mistakes I did”, Abe says.  While in prison, Abe started his mission of Inspiration & Motivation with his fellow inmates teaching self-development classes with a faith-based message inspired by top motivational speakers like Jim Rohn and John C. Maxwell. Abe took a leadership role assisting his fellow inmates with their lives physically and spiritually.  His message and company slogan that Abe came up with in prison is, “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.”  Forever Faith’s tag line is “Just Believe,” which is inspiring people all over the world.


Abe believes that his life was saved by Faith and fitness, that’s what inspired the Double F’s. He works tirelessly speaking out to young athletes and youth programs to encourage them to get education and stick to their goals as student athletes. He has been invited to give his testimony to many groups of young people of all ages, and shares his story in a major segment of a documentary film, ‘Fashion and Culture in Los Angeles’ to be released in 2014.   Abe’s most recent philanthropic venture was sponsorship of a youth basketball camp in Tulsa where Forever Faith provided camp tee shirts and wristbands, and Abe was a featured speaker. As a result of this venture Forever Faith has partnered with the KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) School in Tulsa Oklahoma to supply school uniforms along with athletic uniforms all with the Forever Faith logo.

Abe is blessed and grateful for his success, and knows that his mission is to inspire others through “Forever Faith,” the Lifestyle Brand.

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39 thoughts on “About Me – My Biography

  1. Good evening! I am currently watching an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker and you happen to be one of the matched millionaires! I am so very proud of you! I, too, am working on a faith-based clothing line geared towards women. I would love to chat with you some time. I am having an issue with fear with the given economy and would love to hear how Christ was able to nudge you to step out in faith. In addition, I’d like to encourage you to continue your faith walk just as you are-strong, endearing, and with style! I am so happy you made sure the entire world knew your Lord and Savior and that you’re faith is first and foremost in your life!

    • First off, thank you so much for your kind words. It is greatly appreciated. I want to congratulate you on your vision of YOUR clothing line and encourage you to proceed in your line if your heart is really in it. God will always bless us in every journey we take if we put him first. If you believe in your heart and in your mind that you will succeed, God will make it happen. Although, this is a competitive field there’s always open doors that you can walk through with the right time, place and patience. With that stay positive, stay focused and forever keep your faith!


      Abe Cruz
      Team FF!!!

      • Hi there, I absolutely love your clothing line and would like to have a catalog mailed to me if at all possible? I’m also wondering if you have a children’s line, I have two very beautiful boys 2 & 7 that I would love to see sport Forever Faith along with their momma;) Thanks so very much and keep up the good work:)

        Blessings, Kay Johnson

        • Hi Kay! Thanks so much for your comments. We are close to launching a new line of clothing, which we will announce with a message to all of our subscribers to the websites. You will get a message, and then can take a look on our Web Store ( At this time we do not have a children’s line of clothing, but look forward to it in the future.
          All the Best! FF!!

  2. By the way, any suggestions on how to boost my metabolism? My body has not been responding to my workouts like it used to. I know I’ve gotten a little older (I’m 30), but this is absolutely ridiculous…I’ve tried to swap my strength training for more cardio. I figured conditioning my body may help to kick my body back into gear and help relieve the stress. I’ve even added B-vitamin supplements and a stress complex because I assumed it must have something to do with cortisol levels (I’m craving stuff I used to refuse to eat, like candy and sweets). I’ve been at this for awhile and am getting extremely discouraged. HELP!

    • Hey Chalice,
      In order to boost your metabolism, pick up your cardio, but you dont have to slow down on your strength training, pick up your reps. It will only assist your metabolism in burning fat cells.. Make sure your taking in enough protein. along with your greens. If your not feeding your muscles enough fuel, they will break down as a Car would with lack of oil and Fuel. Hope this makes sense.

      Abe Cruz
      Team FF!!

  3. I recently saw the two of you on the matchmaker show and it caught my attention the apparel line you guys were sporting. I kept on watching the show and even got more interested when they displayed your Latino last name. It makes me proud that you guys are fulfilling your dreams and making it big. I work for a well known sports company but your clothing line, it has that spiritual blend to it. Felicidades y mucha suerte

  4. I like your testimony and the way you express your faith. God is giving you the power to make the richness and it’s so encourageing to see people like you in secular tv, plagued with ungodly people. Your story needs to be told in a book, shown in a movie, express God and He will take you into high places. Now I am going to look for your company web site, didn’t know about it before; thanks for the example you give to many not-so-spiritual young men watching Bravo.

    • Javier, I greatly appreciate your kind words. It just lets me know that I am moving in the right direction. Thank you for the compliment and I can only pray that one day my life story can be used as an inspiration to others. Thank you checking out the website and supporting team FF.

      Abe Cruz
      Team FF!!!

  5. I realize how important exercise and proper nutrition is even for mental well-being and you just reassured me of the positive effect it has on us. I am so happy your incarceration helped turn your life around. My brother has not been that fortunate

  6. Every opportunity he has been given has not stopped him from ending back behind bars. His financial demands for canteen have caused turmoil. You should hold your head high. I do a great deal of walking with my dogs. Perhaps some day you would think about a dog leash

    • Donna,
      My heart goes out to you and your family because of your brother’s situation. Please keep your head up and stay positive. In time, we all learn from our mistakes and we eventually will be able to move forward. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and specifically your brother, because in time eventually God will allow us to shine.

      Abe Cruz
      Team FF!!!

  7. Abe, just saw you on Millionaire Matchmaker. I will be buying your clothes! You are courageous to speak up about Christ! Please focus your dating on women who love and follow Christ. .. Will make for much more harmony and happiness in your future home- following the same God. All the best.

    • Amen Marianne!!! Thank you for the kind words and I greatly appreciate it. And yes, I agree with finding a woman in Christ. Thank you for caring and I will stay focused on the task at hand. Thanks for the support and god bless.

      Abe Cruz
      Team FF!!!

  8. Abe,
    I learned about your brand for the first time on millionaire matchmaker. I must say that I watch the show faithfully every week, but never have been as inspired as I was the day you and your brother were on it. You took a truly negative and low point in your life and overcame it. I commend
    you for that. Ever since I was a little girl I would design clothes and was passionate about it. But because of lack of funds I never moved forward with it. You gave me the courage to pursue my dreams and start my own women’s line in the near future. I no longer want to work for someone else, I want to build my own brand. My question to you is what is the least amount of money it takes to start a shirt line and do you have any suggestions on how to get the word out about my brand? Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • Kris, people don’t realize that its not the money…Its the want, drive and belief that your product will be huge in today’s market. With true faith behind you, you will succeed. My brother and I made four sample tank tops for $180 and the dream became a reality. After the drive and ambition is put into play, God will see your sacrifice and gift you the resources needed to succeed in your journey. Remember, God gives us all abilities and as our company slogan states, IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, NO ONE ELSE WILL!!! Simply remember…stay positive, stay focused, stay hungry and Forever keep your Faith. AMEN!!!

      Abe Cruz
      Team FF!!!

  9. Hey guys congrats on your successful business….keep up the good work. Your story was very inspiring, I actually had never heard about your business, not until now my brother who was watching millionaire matchmaker, was the one who told me about your business…..because as like you I’m also planning and working in opening my own online….clothing business with my own designs. Every since I was a kid I been wanted to be my own boss ja, ja. However it can sometimes get a little overwhelmed, but just like your brand FF!!! i love that name and you r one of my inspirations….do you have any tips that can help me succeed in my business? and one more “favor chico” would u be one of my favorites customers when I open my business!!! lol! God bless u!

    California, Fremont

    • Cici, please check out my blog. You may find it informative and can help you with your business. But in all, be true with your heart. Find out what it is about your line that makes it special and unique. Sure I can be one of your favorite customer if you buy stuff first…LOL!!! Always stay positive, stay focused, stay hungry and Forever keep your Faith!!!

      Abe Cruz
      TEAM FF!!!

    • Hey my man!!! No problem, I am here to do the best I can. I do apologize for how long it takes, but I will always respond. Keep in touch.

      -Abe Cruz

  10. Hey cousin, of course how can I leave out the Cepeida legacy. Thank you for your kind words and support. All love to all La Familias. Take care and see you soon.

    Abe Cruz
    Team FF!!!

    • Hi, love your attitude. What I wanted to ask you is a bit more personal like what was some of the greatest advise your mother gave you that has helped you became the men you are now?

      Thanks!! God bless!!

  11. I watched your MMM episode while doing cardio at the gym. You guys seem very inspirational. Good luck to David who ended the show “in love!!!” Hope to see you guys in Miami Beach soon 😉

    Frank Joseph

  12. Hi,
    I think it’s wonderful how you found your blessing. Im sure God has much much more in store for you. Like everyone else, I also saw you on Millionaire Match Maker. And I absolutely loved the way you talked about God and how grateful you are for what he has done for you. I almost thought it was all a joke. Anyway, I know it’s very hard to find that someone special… I’m sure that you have asked God many times why he’s playing with your heart. Just remember to trust Him. Keep your faith alive. Afterall, it is what your brand is about, isnt it? Tell you what, I’ll say a prayer for you if you say one for me.
    So, I really want to know how you held yourself together while going through your trials… I assume it was quite difficult for you, Was your faith ever shaken?… I have trials of my own and sometimes i just dont know what to do. Being young and living for Jesus and not the easist thing there is.

    Please feel free to correspond via email. I’d love to read your response 😉


    Dear God,
    Please bless this young man and make him into a man after your own heart, just as you did David. I pray that you will grant him a wife that you have created only for him. Please God, strengthen him so he may continue to wait upon you and keep her until he finds her. Open his eyes so that he may see her and open both their hearts so that they may love each other as husband and wife, bringing to life the song of solomon. I pray that you will allow his cup to be pressed down, shaken together and running over for an additional four generations. And God keep him from danger, both seen and unseen. I thank you for doing this Father and I ask this all in the name of Jesus Christ.

  13. G’day Mate,

    I’d love to hear more about your work out routine and wether you planned to build the physique you have or if that was a by product of your normal enthusiastic health & fittness lifestyle?


    p.s. I look forward to seeing the catlougue expand, particlualry that worn on the MM show!

  14. Hey Abraham,

    When u were a senior @ St. Paul, I was a freshman. As embarrassing as it is 2 admit, I’ve thought very highly of u, almost like ur biggest fan, 4 a while now. The 1st time I ever heard about u, believe it or not, I was in the 6th grade. My sister, Trisha, was in ur class & I attended 1 of ur basketball games ur freshman year. From that very moment on, I knew u were destined 4 greatness. I will admit, everyone who knew me said I had a crush, but, be it as it may I knew deep in my heart that 1 way or another God had a unbelievable plan 4 u! Ur 1 of the few people in this world who, when any 1 is around u they can generally feel ur passion 4 life with a simple, “Hi!” I know when I would see u smile, I could see how much love & kindness is in ur heart. So 4 u 2 have the wonderful life that u have, I am incredibly blessed/honored 2 say that I had crossed paths with u in the past. I’ve always thought that u were some 1 who deserves everything that God has 2 offer! I hope He continues 2 bring u great success, not only with ur clothing line, but, with life in general. I can feel that this is just the beginning of the blessings yet 2 come ur way!! I will continue 2 pray, that ur determination & hard work, 2 create Forever Faith, will keep inspiring others.

    God Bless,
    Laura Sandoval

  15. Hey Abe! I was inspired by your testimony and I am on the way to my dream as well. I had a question. You gave some tips if we wanted to start a business and I found out that I needed a C25 lic.# But I can’t seem to find one any suggestions?
    Thanks Alot! 🙂

    • Hi Abe!!! Believe it or not but as I’m typing at this moment earlier I had gone outside to make my rounds here at the Holiday Inn Express in Chickasha, OK and i saw your cute little car!! And on the side i saw the fancy lettering so it made me curious then i read and remembered the site to go on to learn about ForeverFaith777!! You and your brother seem to be such inspiring people to each other, your family and to others. I love how you express such concern with others and their FAITH. I plan on sharing this site with my boys and for sure i know my younger son, Al will be interested and learning more about your line and all the inspiration you share. At this moment he is trying to get into shape while in college in Edmond, Ok. He’s a freshman at Oklahoma Christian University. He lifts everyday and is very active as well. Keep doing and spreading that FAITH!!! Hopefully i get to meet you but sadly my shift ends at 7am, i do hope you enjoy the wonderful breakfast though!! And as always we thank you for staying with our hotel family and if there is anything we can do for please don’t hesitate!!!

      • Thanks so much for your kind note! That’s my business partner, Fred Bassett staying there. He’s one of the judges for the dog shows in town this weekend.

  16. Hi Abe, I am from Louisiana, and just last year I lost my daughter, it was very hard for me to deal and still is, but GOD has always been there for me and getting me through this, the one thing I keep repeating to myself is He never gives us more than we can handle. I love your attitude about our GOD. I also love that you base your clothing on Faith, which is amazing. I am going to be buying alot of your clothing here soon, And I know alot of people down here that would love to get your clothing also. Keep GOD number one and have your life centered around him. Thank you for making an amazing clothing line.

  17. So fascinated with your life story; very powerful that can move many hearts to conversion to God. I have the same motto in life, I do believe in fitness to be life changing but much more, the change must happen internally so that the physical change may reflect of what is inside. Your story and your attitude in life is what our world need to hear. God bless and hope you get more people to hear listen to themselves that God is always speaking to the. Fr. Ted

  18. Don’t really know if you’re going to read this, i just checked the dates of these comments. I was just searching for new gym clothes and came across this page, I just read your story and i can’t not comment since i’m going through something similar. From the other side basically, my boyfriend at the time got into trouble and is currently serving 3 years 4 months, well 3 years now. To say it’s been tough is an understatement, hardest thing i’ve ever been through, we’re all struggling together, myself and his family. So seeing this is beyondddd inspiring. I might print your story off and send it to him, it’s hard to see what life could be like after all of this. Just reading it has helped me be hopeful for him so thanks for sharing. Rachael x

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