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Abraham J. Cruz  (Abe Cruz) Biography:



Spreading a Universal Message


Abe Cruz (Abraham J. Cruz) is the visionary founder and CEO of Forever Faith LLC, which is a universal message and mindset. Abe considers himself an entrepreneur and an overall survivor. Abe grew up a dedicated athlete inspired by, and addicted to health, fitness and sports. He has always believed that any goal is attainable when you commit and truly have Faith. By understanding the mindset of a champion it is easy to see why Abe decided to create an inspirational and motivational clothing line to move this world.


Forever Faith now offers a Fitness & Fashion line that Abe designed while serving a prison term of 3 1/2 years in an Oklahoma prison. Like many in this world, he found himself facing financial challenges and daily expenses for his Mother and family. Abe made the worst decision of his life that has now become the biggest blessing of his life.


He realizes that there are many on the edge of desperate survival in the world today and came up with his clothing line as a way to communicate his story and to inspire others to succeed the right way through Faith. He calls it a ‘business plan in prison’, which he designed on prison napkins with crayons, turning his negative situation into a positive solution.


“I made a huge mistake in my life and I am determined to turn this tragedy into a success in order to save people from making the same mistakes I did”, Abe says.  While in prison, Abe started his mission of Inspiration & Motivation with his fellow inmates teaching self-development classes with a faith-based message inspired by top motivational speakers like Jim Rohn and John C. Maxwell. Abe took a leadership role assisting his fellow inmates with their lives physically and spiritually.  His message and company slogan that Abe came up with in prison is, “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.”  Forever Faith’s tag line is “Just Believe,” which is inspiring people all over the world.


Abe believes that his life was saved by Faith and fitness, that’s what inspired the Double F’s. He works tirelessly speaking out to young athletes and youth programs to encourage them to get education and stick to their goals as student athletes. He has been invited to give his testimony to many groups of young people of all ages, and shares his story in a major segment of a documentary film, ‘Fashion and Culture in Los Angeles’ to be released in 2014.   Abe’s most recent philanthropic venture was sponsorship of a youth basketball camp in Tulsa where Forever Faith provided camp tee shirts and wristbands, and Abe was a featured speaker. As a result of this venture Forever Faith has partnered with the KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) School in Tulsa Oklahoma to supply school uniforms along with athletic uniforms all with the Forever Faith logo.

Abe is blessed and grateful for his success, and knows that his mission is to inspire others through “Forever Faith,” the Lifestyle Brand.

FF Strip Logo-NEW Logo-ONLY Mindset Of A Champion-Black


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